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PRESS RELEASE - 17th. July 2009


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Peregrine Industries logo


Peregrine Industries are proud to announce that we have been accepted into Australia's premier automotive accident repair network as a preferred supplier and sponsor.

The Australian Accident Repair Network (AARN) was founded in October 1997 by 3 Director, Bryan James (Accountant), Paul Sprunt (Body Shop Owner) and Tony Rugolo (An industry equipment supplier. Tony deceased May 2007). AARN began with 5 smash repair shop members in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

In the past 3 years, the AARN membership has grown from 49 to a strong national group of 110 independent quality smash repair shops . The AARN Body Shop Group now employs 2,053 staff across its network and has an estimated annual turnover of $326m.

AARN accredited shops use the most up to date equipment and techniques. As well, AARN members’ employees are trained in repairing particular Marques and are disciplined in effecting those repairs. One of AARN’s major goals is to secure consistent volumes through its members’ shops and to grow to a network of 150 of Australia's top quality vehicle smash repair shops over the next 3 years.

AARN is also involved in smash repair industry research. It has conducted two National Body Shop Surveys. The first, in May 2006, was supported by 8 companies directly involved in the Australian vehicle smash repair industry.  

A follow up survey was conducted in May 2008; AARN was again commissioned by the same group of national companies, to carry out another national survey. A Survey Questionnaire was mailed out to 4,200 body shops nationally.

AARN’s two national body shop surveys highlighted many changes in the smash repair industry and raised many concerns from the survey respondents including

their attitude to future business growth and employment of body shop staff.

Another concern is the lack of skilled paint and panel technicians being attracted into the smash repairer industry.

AARN’s management is looking to continue its growth by building strong working relationships with vehicle manufacturers and distributors, by promoting the concept that AARN body shops become "specialist" repairers, concentrating on one or two vehicle brands. Specialization delivers increased efficiency and reduces costs and wastage.

Many of the AARN Body Shops are Vehicle Manufacturer approved repairers and have Approved Insurance Company relationships.

New vehicle Dealerships will benefit through increased service department work from the repair cycle, as checking technical calibrations and safety systems to ensure they meet manufacturer’s standards, would mean this work being sent to the dealership service departments. More importantly, customers can have complete confidence in the quality of their smash repairs.

Body shops specializing in specific vehicles will simplify apprentice training which should result in higher apprentice retention rates.

In May 2008 AARN introduced its Member Annual Assessment Audit Report.

This Assessment Report was completed on all current Body Shop Members in 2008 and will be done on all Body Shops wanting to join the AARN Group. Only those Body Shops that meet these high standards will be able to join.

All Member Body Shops will undergo an annual Assessment to ensure standards are maintained or improved upon.

As regards to work place safety, AARN has recently introduced an annual OH&S audit process to its members and the majority have AARN monitor their OH&S process on a monthly basis to ensure these members meet their OH&S obligations.

AARN offers its members links with legal and professional advisory groups areas, an internal consultancy service and is looking to introduce ongoing training in marketing, body shop management, operations, quoting and staff training.

In summary

  • AARN is Australia's largest smash repair group with 110 quality body shop members and 28 Corporate members
  • AARN is Australia's only national smash repair group
  • AARN’s objective is to have 150 members within 3 years.
  • The industry has approximately 4200 body shops Australia wide, In AARN’s view, only 10% would meet AARN’s minimum standards.
  • AARN is working to establish more open and professional relationships with insurance companies
  • AARN is building working relationships with motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors
  • AARN is concerned that it appears that some insurance companies are still sending vehicles to body shops that don't have the right equipment (high strength steel capability) or the training to meet today's repair standards. It is estimated less than 30% of the all body shops in Australia have high strength steel welders, which indicates a lot of work is being undertaken by poorly equipped and poorly trained vehicle smash repairers.
  • All AARN members are reviewed annually via a 100 point Assessment Audit to ensure they continue to meet AARN Member Body Shop quality. They receive an Annual Body Shop Assessments Report which highlights those areas that may require attention. Members must attain a minimum overall standard of a minimum 75 points.
  • AARN has introduced its own in house Financial Comparison / Benchmarking Program
  • AARN has just launched it’ own AARN Welding Certification Passport with support from…I-CAR Australia, CAR-O-LINER, Sydney Automotive Paint & Equipment and PPG.

AARN is working on developing new services for its members including:

    • Consultancy services
    • Financial planning services
    • Process improvement advice
    • Reduced price services from external suppliers such as telephones, stationery, etc.
    • Training

AARN is not only Australia’s largest and only national group; it is the smash repair industry’s way of the FUTURE

For more information about AARN or if you are a Body Shop looking to join a quality Body Shop Group, please contact:

Geoff Bedford


Australian Accident Repair Network Pty Ltd
Suite 9, 28-32 Gloucester Ave
Phone: (03) 9709 2620
Mobile phone: 0438 003 608


Or you can contact Peregrine Industries in Victoria through our website or email at

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(Click here to go to the AARN website)

If you have any questions or queries relating to the content of this page or any technical questions relating to air filters, spray booths, Peregrine Industries, Filtrair, Filtration Group or GFS or any product on this site, please contact us through our contacts page


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