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Air filters for all types of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  High purity products for Gas Turbines, Paint Spray Booths, cleanrooms, bio-safety and clean benches.


AIR FILTER PRODUCTS - Molecular and Gas Phase Air Filters


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Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb Air Filter
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Peregrine Industries’ Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb Air filters are a combination particulate and carbon filter and are designed for the control of intermittent odour problems in re-circulated air applications

The Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb style air filters are designed to remove a wide range of odours and common indoor air pollutants. The unit is also available with a prefilter for use where you are concerned about both molecular and particulate contaminants. These filters are constructed using water resistant board frame. The activated carbon is held in a honeycomb support, which can be combined with a pleated element or polyester pad filter.


Peregrine Industries Aerostar Carbon filled honeycomb air filter products are best suited for use in re-circulation applications. Their moderate single pass removal efficiency, coupled with a long service life provides excellent protection in air re-circulation systems.


  • Effectively removes odourous and irritating gaseous contaminants



  • Combination particulate and gas phase air filter (also available without particulate prefilter)
  • Disposable
  • Easy to use
  • Low service costs
  • Effective gas phase filtration in a compact design
  • Fits all standard front access frames and side access housings
  • Excellent gas phase air filter for re-circulated air applications


Peregrine Industries’ Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb air filters are ideally suited for use in re-circulation systems where multi-pass removal is suitable.

The Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb air filters are used extensively in office building, hospitals, airports, food courts, and manufacturing facilities.


Service and maintenance can also be carried out by Peregrine Industries' trained service technicians if required (ask our representative about our competitive service/maintenance contracts to all types of HVAC and airconditioning filters).



Contaminants removed by Honeycomb Air Filters

Cooking Odours

Gasoline Fumes

Sewer Odours

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Most Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Odours



Part #

Nominal Size (mm)

Actual Size (mm)

Media Weight per Filter (Kg)


305 x 610 x 25

289 x 594 x 19



610 x 610 x 25

594 x 594 x 19



305 x 610 x 50

289 x 594 x 45



610 x 610 x 50

594 x 594 x 45


Other sizes are available upon request.


Filter Type: Disposable air filter using both particulate and molecular removal media contained in the same unit. (Carbon Filled Honeycomb Air Filters are also available without prefilters)

General Description: Filter shall be designed for particulate and molecular contamination control as supplied by Peregrine Industries Pty. Ltd.

Construction: Filter shall be constructed using a water resistant die cut frame, with a pleated filter (polyester pad in the 25mm nominal) element combined with a 100% filled honeycomb panel designed to eliminate the media from settling over time.

Each filter shall be individually sealed in a plastic bag before being placed in individual cartons at the factory.

Aerostar Canbon Filled Honeycomb Filter

Filter Components (beginning on air-entering side)

1 - *Pleat Media (for particulate removal)

2 - *Expanded Metal (for support of pleat media)

3 - Fine Mesh (for holding carbon in honeycomb

4 - Honeycomb Support Grid (to hold carbon in airstream)

5 - Fine Mesh (as above)

6 - Water Resistant Die-Cut Frame

*Note: for 25mm version a polyester pad of air filter media and no expanded metal replace the pleat media



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Due to ongoing product development, we reserve the right to alter any product specifications or prices as is necessary.

Download Aerostar Carbon Filled Honeycomb Air Filter brochure in pdf format


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