Drop Safe Filters DS-G4-300 and -600

Drop Safe Filters DS-G4-300 and -600

Filtrair Drop Safe (DS) rigid filters serve as very efficient prefilters in air intake systems of combustion engines, in any environmental condition (including off- shore, marine) and in any climate (including tropical). They efficiently remove airborne particulate matter but also snow, mist and fog, acting as a filter and a coa- lescer in one. DS rigid filters are specially designed for the elimination and drainage of free water and air borne salt crystals. Where subsequent final filters are placed, they protect them not only from dust but also from salt and water, thus significantly prolonging their life and increasing their operational safety.

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Filter Media

Filtrair manufactures its own thermally bonded syn- thetic media for the DS rigid pocket filters. The depthloading media is of progressive structure for high dust holding capacity and contains an added hydrophobic treatment and tackifier throughout the medium depth to repel water and retain captured particles.


  • Unique - combined coalescer and particle filter in one
  • Also for extreme environments: high moisture and water mist content, high velocity, offshore, marine
  • Patented sealed boot pocket design - coalesces water inside the pockets and drains it out upstream of filter
  • Self supporting, leak-free welded pockets - stay rigid when wet and in turbulent air - eliminating shedding
  • Aerodynamic wedge-shape, tubular pocket spacers - minimum flow resistance and maximum dust holding
  • Pockets water tight integrated in injection moulded, impact-proof PU header - burst strength of ≥ 6000 Pa
  • Unique, proprietary, progressive Filtrair filter media with special hydrophobic treatment
  • Filtrair DS filters may be disposed of by incineration
  • Filter range independently tested
  • Available in filter classes G4, F5 and F6 per EN 779

Technical Specifications

Rated air flow, 1/1 size (m3/h)Initial pressure drop at 3400 m3/h (Pa)Initial pressure drop at 4250 m3/h (Pa)Recommended final pressure dropFilter class (EN 779:2002)Average arrestance (EN 779) (%)Active filter medium area (m2)Burst pressure (new, dry & wet cond.) (Pa)AC- / SAE-Fine DHC* up to 450 Pa (g)Weight (kg)Dimension 'L' (mm)
DS-G4-30034005070250G4912.1> 600013502.2310
DS-G4-60042503045250G4924.2> 600027502.9610

*) Dust Holding Capacity at 3400 m3/h for test dust “A2-fine” as ISO12’103-1

Filter Dimensions (mm)

Drop Safe G4 Filter Dimensions

Initial Pressure Drop DS-G4-300 & DS-G4-600

Initial Pressure Drop DS-F5-600 & DS-F6-600 graph

Pressure drop and Efficiency vs. Dust feed for DS-G4-300

Pressure drop and Efficiency vs. Dust feed for DS-G4-300 graph

Pressure drop and Efficiency vs. Dust feed for DS-G4-600

Pressure drop and Efficiency vs. Dust feed for DS-G4-600 graph

Application limits and remarks

  • Maximum continuous operating temperature: ≤ 70°C
  • Flammability classification: UL900 class 2, DIN53438-K1/F1
  • Gasket (5 mm) on downstream side (standard) or on re- quest on upstream or on both sides
  • Also available: DS-F5-600, filter class F5 as per EN779 DS-F6-600, filter class F6 as per EN779