Series 550 Odour Removal Pleat Air Filter

Series 550 Odour Removal Pleat Air Filter

Peregrine Industries’ Aerostar Series 550 Odour Removal Pleat Air filters are designed for the control of intermittent odour problems. Carbon pleated filters remove a wide range of odours and common indoor air pollutants. The advanced media has improved capabilities to adsorb nuisance odours. The air filter is constructed with a galvanized steel frame with pleated media to increase the capacity and reduce the pressure drop at the same time as increasing the contact time at the media face. The Series 550 pleated air filters are suitable for use in light duty commercial applications

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In some light duty applications, the effectiveness of Peregrine Industries Aerostar Series 550 Odour Removal Pleat Air Filters can equal many long-term solutions used for odour control problems. The Series 550 carbon filters can be used as a low cost method to verify the potential effectiveness of carbon for controlling an odour problem.


  • Effectively gas phase filtration for common, compact applications
  • Excellent gas phase filter for intermittent gas applications
  • Excellent air filter to determine if carbon filters will help remove the odour
  • Low pressure drop
  • Strong, water resistant galvanised steel frame
  • Fits all standard front access frames and side access housings
  • Disposable, easy to use, low service costs
  • Produces little to no carbon dust
  • Efficient removal of particulate MERV 6 (per ASHRAE 52.2) (G3 according to EN779)
  • All filters wrapped and sealed in protective plastic bag


Peregrine Industries’ Aerostar Series 550 Odour Removal Pleat air filters are ideally suited for use where gas contaminants are low and/or intermittent

Peregrine Industries’ Series 550 Carbon air filters are well suited for use in air make-up and re-circulation applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports, food courts, and manufacturing facilities.


Service and maintenance can also be carried out by our trained service technicians if required (ask our representative about our competitive service/maintenance contracts).

Dimensions and Performance Data

Part #Nominal Size (mm)Actual Size (mm)Initial Resistance @ 1.27m/s (Pa)Initial Resistance @ 2.54m/s (Pa)

*25mm depth filters are in a flat configuration (not pleated) Other sizes are available upon request.

Application and Materials

Recommended final resistance: 350pa

Frame: Galvanised Steel

Media: The pleated media is constructed of a bi-component polyester fibre. A thermal bonding process attaches the fibres to the activated carbon particles, keeping the carbon in place without the use of adhesives. This unique process maximises the amount of carbon surface area that is exposed to odours.

Digram for SC550 Digram for SC550