Peregrine P560G

Peregrine P560G

Peregrine’s P560G is a synthetic fibre-based air filter media designed and manufactured at Filtrair’s own high-tech media plant. The media is constructed from selected high performance, non-breakable fibres in a progressive density multi-layering technique to ensure high depth loading with an optimal low pressure drop.

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The P560G media is thermally bonded and impregnated in full depth with a special adhesive coating to prevent any release of fibres and migration of paint-damaging particles larger than 10 microns due to vibration in the system, even under varying temperature conditions

The clean air side is particularly dense and smoothed, and is reinforced with a supporting woven open mesh scrim, resulting in a long filter life, high fractional efficiency, relatively high dust holding capacity and low energy and maintenance costs.

The Filtrair media conforms to all EU and U.S. fire classification standards (e.g. DIN 53438-F1 and UL 900- class 1) and is self-extinguishing.

Constant quality is ensured by independent quality control testing according to EN779 and the individual DIN logo and Filtrair registration number, which are imprinted on the media, together with the M5 classification and the FILTRAIR brand name.


  • Removes all paint-damaging particles larger than 10 µm
  • Full depth special adhesive prevents dust migration
  • Used and recommended by major spraybooth manufacturers around the world
  • High temperature resistance up to 180 deg. C
  • Available as bulk media rolls, or pads cut to size
  • Conforms to U.S and EU fire classification standards
  • Graduated density
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Consistent media quality is ensured by independent quality control testing according to EN779
  • 100% synthetic media.
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Resistant to evaporated solvents
  • 100% silicone free
  • Ensures a uniform air distribution throughout the spray booth.


Peregrine’s P560G media is specifically designed for the fine filtration of the air intake in down-draft paint spray booths, as the final filtration barrier to all paint damaging particles from the air stream. Used and recommended in refinishing facilities, P560G is the one of the best final filter media for paint spray booths, and is only surpassed in quality by Filtrair’s World leading CC600G

Technical Data

Filtrair air filter mediaAverage arrestance (acc. EN779)Average Efficiency (dust spot)Air velocity (m/s)Rated air flow (m3/h/m2)Initial pressure drop (Pa)Final pressure drop (Pa)Dust holding at tested final (g/m2)Filter migration classClass according to EN779
Temperature resistance, constantTemperature resistance, short peaksNominal thickness (mm)Relative humidityStandard roll size (m)Regenerable / washable
Up to 100°CUp to 180°C20Up to 100%2.0 x 20No
PG560G Migration Test Classes

Application Specialties

  • Final supply air filter blanket in the ceiling of down-draft paint spray booths in auto refinishing facilities
  • Final supply air filter blanket in paint spray plants of all kinds where high gloss and high-tech performance finishes are a must.
PG560G Migration Test Classes PG560G Migration Test Classes

All data given are average indicative values with usual accepted tolerances due to manufacturing variations and inherent testing tolerances. All specific performance data will require explicit written confirmation. FILTRAIR® is the registered trademark of FILTRAIR b.v.