Easy Fit Fibreglass Exhaust Media

Easy Fit Fibreglass Exhaust Media

Peregrine’s Easyfit Exhaust Filter Media are designed to collect overspray from your paint or finishing operation. With typical transfer efficiencies well below 100%, most paint booths will exhaust a good portion of the spray. To keep this overspray off the ducting and fan, and even the outdoors, you need an overspray media with plenty of holding capacity and high removal efficiency. These media are installed in the path of the exhaust air flow so that only clean air is exhausted into the atmosphere.

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With Peregrine’s Easyfit Exhaust Filter Media, you will reduce the amount of overspray that exits in your booth through the exhaust stack. That means lower maintenance on your booth, fewer incidents of paint covered car parks and neighbours, and compliance with local and federal regulations. The higher holding capacity of our premium media means that these filters last longer and require less frequent change overs.


The major advantages that Peregrine’s Easyfit Exhaust Filter Media has over other brands available on our market is the simple fact that the average user will not need to cut the media thus helping to minimise the contact with the fibreglass (see “Safe Handling Sheet”) and reduce the possible OH & S risks. Due to its convenient sizes, Peregrine’s Easyfit Fibreglass Exhaust Media also saves you money by reducing the waste associated with the other brands available. Peregrine’s Easyfit Exhaust Filter Media has a laminated air leaving side, which increases the dust holding capacity compared to other media and also reduces the amount of fibres that can become airborne and thus increases the safety of the operator who installs the media.


These products should be used in pad or blanket form in your Crossdraft, Downdraft and Semi- Downdraft booth.


FG510M20m x 510mm
FG610M20m x 610mm
FG750M20m x 750mm
FG990M20m x 1000mm
FG1250M20m x 1250mm
FG1500M20m x 1500mm
FG2000M20m x 2000mm
FG510L60m x 510mm
FG610L60m x 610mm
FG762L60m x 750mm
FG990L60m x 1000mm
FG1220L60m x 1250mm
FG1500L60m x 1500mm
FG2000L60m x 2000mm